KOH01719 - Manual party pump with beer tap

Manual party pump with beer tap

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The party pump is usually used for simple serving of draft beer at, for example, a picnic, beach party or similar. Combine with the right type of keg coupler and you have everything needed to serve beer from barrels.


The serving pressure that pushes beer out of the barrels when serving is created by the hand-operated pump. Beer served in this way should be consumed within a few hours when the air pumped into the barrels destroys the taste of the beer in about 8-12 hours.

A classic mistake when using a party pump is that you first pump up the pressure and then open the faucet. This usually results in a beer that foams very much when serving. Follow these simple steps for best results.

  1. Connect the keg coupling.
  2. Open the tap until all the pressure has disappeared.
  3. Open the tap and start pumping until the desired flow rate is reached.
  4. Always pump with the tap open and only to maintain the flow rate.
  5. Repeat step #3 until the keg is empty.

Keep in mind that hot beer foams a lot so store the tray in ice or cooling environment and do not expose it to direct sunlight. The dish should be cooled for 24 hours before serving to ensure that it maintains the correct temperature.

Note that the pump connections have a dimension of 5/8", check your keg coupling dimensions before buying to make sure it fits.

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