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Lindr manufactures high-quality draught beer machines from the Czech Republic

There is a difference between draft beer coolers and draught beer coolers, just ask the happy Czechs who are more than happy to describe the little nuances that make one beer experience better than another. Lindr is a Czech family business that has been manufacturing draft beer machines of various kinds since 1992. The company went its own way early on, something they showed, among other things, by giving their machines a unique look and by developing their own technology. Today, the Czech family business employs more than 100 employees and the company's draft beer machines and beer tower can be found in thousands of restaurants and bars around the world.

We offer affordable draft beer coolers from Lindr in Sweden

If you are looking for draft beer coolers, beer tower, or complete beer dispensing systems from Lindr you have come to the right place. With our help you can easily buy draft beer coolers and other products that fit your bar or restaurant. Of course, the machines can also be used in other environments, for example in your home-made bar or in a microbrewery. If you brew your own beer, it looks much more professional to serve a glass of chilled beer with a beer dispensing system from Lindr. Several of the machines from Lindr are mobile, which makes them ideal for home use, events and parties.

Let us help you buy products from Lindr

We have a wide range of facilities and products from Lindr that we offer to restaurants, businesses and individuals all over Europe. These have different characteristics and advantages. Please contact us if you are interested in buying draft beer coolers from Lindr. We can help you choose products that fit your needs and your budget perfectly.

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