Upptappat.nu is growing so it creaks and many of our customers want help with installation and service when they buy a beverage plant. We therefore want to expand our network of installers around Sweden.

Upptappat.nu is one of Sweden's largest suppliers of beverage facilities on the Internet. We sell beverage facilities to companies but also to private individuals all over Sweden. We want to be able to meet our customers' needs for installation and service and are now looking for companies that want to collaborate with us on sales, installations and service.

We are looking for:

  • Installers with many years of experience in installing and servicing beverage installations throughout Sweden

We offer:

  • Large range of high quality products for beverage service at competitive prices.
  • Mediation of installation and service jobs throughout Sweden.
  • Large warehouse with fast deliveries.

Would you like to become one of our future partners? Then send us an email at info@upptappat.nu

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