What is leasing/renting?

Leasing/Renting is a form of long-term rental where the cost is distributed per month. Can be used on all operational and civil engineering equipment that can be distinguished as a separate unit. Virtually all private traders and the public sector can use leasing/renting. A prerequisite for companies is that they are subject to VAT accounting.

Advantages of leasing/renting?
• Secure financing - with equipment as safety
• Finance up to I00% with full usufruct
• The cost is easy to budget and can easily be adjusted to the revenue
• You retain your liquidity and do not tie capital in the equipment
• An operating cost that is deductible and lower tax
• Requires no bank security
• Retains your option to take out a loan in the bank or increase your overdraft.

What happens after the end of the lease/rental period?
After the agreed lease/rental period has expired, you usually have the following options:
• To continue the lease with reduced rent
• Offer to buy out the equipment and take ownership
• Cancel the contract and return the equipment

What is partial payment?

As Upptappata consumer, you can choose partial payment at the time of purchase and decide how you want to set up the payment in the future. You choose whether you want to pay over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months. For larger sums, 24 months are also offered. Partial payment notices are sent by post every month. The set-up fee, afee and interest are shown at the time of purchase.

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