UPP00152 - Glass Filler, 10" Deck Mount Pedestal, 1/2" NPT Male Shank

Water siphon / glass filler (25 cm serving height) for water with pressure arm

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Water siphon / glass filler in chrome-plated brass for water with 25 cm serving height. Adjustable flow outlet, springback arm, pedestal with adjustable connecting flange and 1/2" NPT male for water connection.

  • 25 cm serving height
  • Adjustable flow outlet (allen key included)
  • Dark blue springy arm
  • Immediate shutdown
  • 1/2 " NPT male water connection
  • Pedestal with adjustable flange
  • Material: polished chrome plated brass, arm in plastic
  • Pressure: 20-125 psi (1.38 bar - 8.62 bar)
  • Temperature: 40 F - 140 F (4.44°C - 60°C)

Please note that these beer tower are not suitable for serving carbonated water!

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