Lindr AS-110 Soda green line - 3...
Lindr AS-110 Soda green line - 3...
Lindr AS-110 Soda green line - 3...
SOD02068 - AS-110.2011 4 kylslingor + snabbkopplingar
SOD02068 - AS-110.2011 4 kylslingor + snabbkopplingar

Lindr AS-110 Soda green line - 3 cooling coils + push-fit connections

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AS-110 Soda is a practical combination of both beer cooler and carbonater for carbonated water. In addition to carbonated water, you can serve an additional 2 kinds of chilled drink such as beer or water


The AS-110 Soda cooling system is suitable for restaurants, bars, guest facilities and also works great for home use. This cooler has a capacity of 70 liters of carbonated water and chilled beer per hour. The perfect combination machine for restaurant and guest facilities.

The circulation pump in the water bath ensures an even temperature, it can also be used for cooling the python hose between as-110 and beer tower. Maximum height difference 7 meters. The overfill protection on the side ensures that the water bath is not overfilled.

The materials used meet the highest standards of good hygiene standards and guarantee a long service life. The cooling coils are made ofstainless steel. Two handles on the side of the machine make it easy to handle.

The products in the "green line" series use the r-290 refrigerant, which is not only environmentally friendly but also has a 20% higher energy efficiency and 20% lower energy consumption. The cooler is made exclusively of recyclable materials and without polyurethane insulation.

Technical information

Type Of Refrigerant


Rated Current (a) (A)



220-240V 50Hz ~1

Power consumption (W)


Output (l/h) To 0 ° C / Tk 50 ° C


Number of 33cl glass /h with carbonated water

About 210

Number of cooling coils


Length cooling coil (m)


Net weight (kg)


Volume water bath (l)


Diameter cooling coils (mm)


Dimensions (BxDxH mm)


Maximum height difference circulation pump (m)


    What equipment do I need to serve draught beer?

    Can the carbonic acid corrode the teeth?

    Is it better to have still water or tap water compared to carbonated water?

    Should children drink carbonated water?

    If I buy a dish through Systembolaget, what do I need to serve chilled draught beer at home?

    Do I need to move my draft beer or water system in from my outdoor kitchen in the autumn?

    A draught beer cooler or water plant needs to be moved in in the autumn if there is a risk of temperatures below 5 degrees otherwise it risks freezing. If the machine is in a frost-free space, it can remain. It is easy to unplug the machine and move it. If an external tap tower is used, the taps should be unscrewed and the tap tower itself covered with a plastic bag or similar.


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