Package - Aga CO2 bottle 425g + trapezoidal adapter (W21.8x1/14")

Aga CO2 bottle 425g with a trapeze adapter for thread type W21.8x1/14" be used together with a regulator to carbonate beer in barrels or as propellant when serving from beer dispensing system.

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Pack description

The carbondioxide cartridge is used in conjunction with the trapezoidal adapter to connect to a regulator with a thread type W21.8x1/14"

Agas carbondioxide cartridges are suitable for all carbonic acid machines on the market such as, AQVIA, AGA/Sparkling Water, Wassermax, SodaStream, Soda-Club and Soda-Fresh. Carbondioxide cartridges also fit "Source model" refrigerators from Electrolux and AEG's "Aqua Fizz" as well as Asko's carbonic oxygen machine built into homepub refrigerators.

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Pack content

Agas carbondioxide cartridges are suitable for all carbondioxide machines on the market such as, AQVIA, AGA/Sparkling Water, Wassermax, SodaStream, Soda-Club and Soda-Fresh.

The carbondioxide cartridge can be used with a w21.8x1/14 thread type regulator with a trapezoidal adapter. The great advantage of this type of gas bottle is besides that it is easy to take with it that it can be cheaply and easily replaced to a new one in supermarkets and department stores.

This trapezoidal adapter is the only one in the world that comes with a safety valve hole to minimize the risk of gasket blasting and uncontrolled pressure equalization when disassembling the pressurized Co2 bottle.

The adapter comes with two food-approved gaskets. The flat gasket is made of NBR rubber expands of the Co2 pressure to achieve maximum density. When removing and replacing the Co2 tube, the gasket will swell further, replacing washer with the extra supplied. Let the used gasket rest for a few hours and it regains its original shape and can be used again.

Always use seals of the same type and size to ensure function and safety.

The trapezoidal adapter is supplied with the basic set, which means that the allen screw in the middle is adjusted so that it will open the valve on the 425gr Co2 bottle while the O-ring gasket seals. This may need to be adjusted with the supplied Allen key.

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