UPP00017 - Keg coupler Type-S3
UPP00017 - Keg coupler Type-S3
UPP00017 - Keg coupler Type-S3
UPP00017 - Keg coupler Type-S3

Keg Coupler Type-S3

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Keg Coupler for barrels with connection of Type-S3. The connections are 1/2"


This S-connection has three heels in the connection instead of two pieces as it is on a standard S-connection. Contact your brewery, draft beer supplier or wholesaler and they can help you with information about the connection type they use on the barrels.

The body of the keg coupling is made of nickel-plated bronze and the parts that come in kontakt with the beer are of stainless steel. Both connections are 1/2 inch. add with 1/2" tube barb connector or push-fit connection for connecting hose to gas and beverage and a silicone check valve for the gas connection.

Click on the Accessories tab to learn more about suitable accessories.

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    How do I know which keg coupling to have for my draft beer equipment?

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