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UPP00064 - JG rak 9,5x9,5 mm

CMB flow control valve 8 mm

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Flow control valve 2x8 mm - smooth and easy flow control in beverage lines where the taps lack flow control.


The flow control valve is the invisible solution for pressure control of beverage lines between cooling and serving. Quick couplings make installation easy. Perfect for beverage lines that lack compensator taps on taps

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    For which applications /use areas can fluidfitproducts be used?

    What is the technical specification for couplings and hoses?

    How do push-fit connections work and how do you connect and disassemble them?

    If I have the measurements of the threads on a connection I want to replace with a new one from you, how do I know what inch or millimeter size it corresponds to?

    To find the right one, you can start from this table. Keep in mind that it can hit up to 5 mm when measuring over threads so it is not accurate but indicative.

    R - Inch - Inv thread - Utv thread

    R6 - 1/8" - 9mm - 10mm
    R8 - 1/4" - 12mm - 13mm
    R10 - 3/8" - 15mm - 17mm
    R15 - 1/2" - 19mm - 21mm
    R20 - 3/4" - 24mm - 26mm
    R25 - 1" - 31mm - 33mm
    R32 - 1 1/4" - 39mm - 42mm
    R38 - 1 1/2" - 45mm - 48mm
    R50 - 2" - 57mm - 59mm
    R65 - 2 1/2" - 72mm - 75mm
    R80 - 3" - 85mm - 88mm
    R100 - 4" - 110mm - 113mm

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