PE-M - Pushfit hose (mm)

Hose in metric sizes (mm)

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Rigid hose in metric sizes, available in several sizes. Select the size you want from the drop-down menu.

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Food-grade (FDA-approved) rigid hose made of polyethylene. Lsystems for food handling such as drinking water, drinking facilities, ice machines, etc.

Suitable for Fluidfit®push-fit connections, dmfit® and John Guest®.
Working range temperature: -29°C to 66°C

ItemØ Y.D.Ø I.D.Wall Thickness (mm)Minimum bending RADIUS at 23 ° C (mm)Minimum burst pressure at 23 ° C (bar)Max Pressure (bar)Minimum Tensile test (kgf/cm)/cm) (Role
PE0425.. Ff4 ± ± 0.08253015.85200
PE0604.. Ff6 ± 0.0841 ± 0.08253015.810100
PE0806.. Ff8 ± 0.0861 ± 0.08252011.715100
PE1007.. Ff10 ± 0.0871.5 ± 0.08322011.720100
PE1209.. Ff12 ± 0.1091.5 ± 0.08632011.720100
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