Questions concerning the installation of carbonated water plants

The carbonation level is low, what can I do to adjust it?

When you experience low carbonation level on the carbonated water it is recommended to investigate the the following points: 

  • To have a good sparkling water, You must have cold water (set the thermostat correctly);
  • Be sure that the Co2 cylinder is not empty or almost empty;
  • Check the water and Co2 pressure; The water pressure should be:

    For Blupura it is between 2-3,5 bar
    For Lindr it is between 2-3 bar 

  • Set the CO2 regulator to the recommended value of the machines manual.

    For Blupura it is between 3,5-4 bar
    For Lindr it is between 4-4,5 bar 
  • The incoming water pressure should at all times be approx. 1  bar below the set CO2 gas pressure. Recommended to be 1 -1,5 bar of difference;
  • It’s possible to adjust the outlet sparkling flow rate through the FLOW CONTROL. (Turning clockwise, close and reduce the flow Turning counter clockwise, open and increase the flow) I suggest to set the flow control for dispense 0,5 Lt of sparkling water in (around)15seconds; (Blupura only)
  • Remove any excess air in the circuit by pulling the ring on the safety valve located inside the machine. 

Below you will find a video about recommendations for optimal carbonation conditions:

After checking all of the points above we recommend to the following procedure to start the machine back up:

  • Close the Co2 cylinder;
  • Remove the air in the circuit by pulling the ring on the remote safety valve until water come out
  • Push the button or pull the handel to dispense sparkling water with the Co2 cylinder closed. When the water starts to come out, start to open (slowly) the Co2 cylinder to the preferred pressure while still holding down the fizzy button / keeping the tap handle open.

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