For which applications /use areas can fluidfitproducts be used?

Fluidfit products are primarily designed for water, food and air but can be used without problems with selected gases, vacuums and other liquids.
With the pushfitfunction, the tube can be connected and released quickly, saving time and costs.

Fluidfit products are made of NSF- and ACS-approved non-toxic material and approved in accordance with DVGW technical standard W 270, the current material used for drinking must have a surface that makes micro-organism fouling difficult.

The colours used by Fluidfit , the colours black, grey and nature are well suited for use in drinking water systems according to the results of the microbiological studies according to DVGW Technical Standard W 270 (11/2007).

Fluidfit meets the requirements of the product group: Couplings for pipes with DN < 80 mm in kontakt with cold water (23 ° c).

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