What is the technical specification for couplings and hoses?

Technical information

Liquid type water, drinks, vacuum, pressure air, gases and liquids suitable with Construction materials

Working temperature

from-20° c to 98° c: dry air, from 1°c to 98°c: air & liquids* Note that NSF standards only cover the temperature range from 1°c to 70°c.System performance always depends on couplings, pipes and any other items and accessories used. It is the responsibility of users to double-check the technical characteristics of each individual component to avoid possible errors and damage.


From -750 mmHg up to 20 bar, depending on the tubes used and temperatures applied

Pipe type:

Polyethylene (PE)-polyamide (PA)
Polyurethane (PU)-PTFE-FEP

Pipe type:
Soft metal

Brass-copper-soft steel

Pipe type:
Hard metal

Please contact our technical department for stainless steel and other hard materials.

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