Technical information - warnings and precautions

When using chemicals, it is the responsibility of the user/customer to check the chemical compatibility of the liquid with the design materials in couplings and hoses.

Do not disassemble or modify the individual products as this may cause product failure, leakage or failure. Changes to the product will void the product warranty.

Do not overload the products by rotation, bending, exhaustion. This can damage the couplings and cause malfunctions, leaks or faults.

Do not use the products where ambient temperature and/or liquid temperature or pressure may exceed the specified limits. Do not use sealing systems other than teflon tape to seal threaded connections.

Never press the locking collar against the clutch unless you need to separate the hose from the coupling in an unpressurized installation. Please follow the instructions on how to connect and disassemble connections (Separate topic under FAQ)

CDC Fluidtech Europe reserves the right to modify the products from time to time when required by quality improvements and market requirements. The actual products may differ from the images and drawings shown in this webshop

We recommend fitting pipes, fittings, accessories and other products with Fluidfit products listed as combinable. The warranty expires if non-compatible products are used. The customer is responsible for checking the performance and operation of the products after installation.

When connecting the hose, make sure it is properly pressed all the way into the seat of the coupling. Please note that the hose may appear to be properly pressed even if it is not fully inserted all the way in the seat. This can cause errors and leakage. In this case, push the hose back into the clutch to make sure the hose is pressed all the way

When using metallic hoses, please deburr the pipe ends to avoid any damage to the o-ring. When using threaded fittings, be careful not to overtighten the clutch with excessive torque as this may damage the clutch and cause a leak or other fault, immediately or after installation.

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