How do push-fit connections work and how do you connect and disassemble them?

To connect

Check and ensure that the connectionand hose sizes are the same. Cut a straight cut on the part of the hose that will be inserted into the coupling with a hose knife or tong.

Make sure that the tube or hose used is clean and not scratched, cracked or deformed

Before inserting the hose, remove any obstructions or dirt inside the coupling.

Check that the tube is correctly and inserted properly. When inserting the hose into the coupling, a moderate pressure is required. Hose and connection must not be scratched or damaged during insertion, otherwise there may be a risk of leaks or the coupling not working as intended.

Please connect the hose by hand, without using any kind of tool.

To ensure that the coupling is properly connected to the hose, pull the hose one without loosening the locking collar on the coupling.

After testing the coupling, a locking clip of the right dimension can be installed between the locking collar and the coupling to further ensure that the hose is attached.

Press the hose into the clutch for a full deposit. The use of our locking clamps avoids accidental disconnections of the pipe and eliminates all play between hose and connection.

All performance and limits specified in the technical information assume that the couplings are fitted with locking clamps.

To disconnect

Make sure that the pressure has been completely removed from the system before disassembling the hose. To disconnect the tube, first remove the locking clip.

Press the locking collar in the direction of the body on the coupling and pull the hose outwards while the locking collar continues to be held down.

Couplings and hoses can be reused provided they are not destroyed and function properly. We recommend that reuse and reassembly only take place during maintenance and are only used with the same liquid used before. Reuse refers only to the push-in system, the threaded part of the couplings cannot be guaranteed. When reusing the hose, the part previously input in the accessory must be cut off and the entire pipe checked.

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