Great advantages of water dispenser in office or conference facility

If you did not already know, an adult needs to drink about 1.5 liters of water a day. And since we spend many hours at work, we should make sure that we do not forget to provide the body with enough fluid.

In addition to the risk of exposing the body to dehydration, the body needs enough fluid for us to be able to maintain focus and energy levels and counteract diseases. For you as an employer, the water dispenser is therefore an investment that gives ROI many times over. You keep healthy and sharpened staff.


Another important advantage is the environmental aspect. How many conferences have we been to where no bottled water has been distributed? They are very few.

Offering water at the conference facility is both professional and popular. But bottled water has devastating consequences for nature. It is simply not sustainable. As a company and employer, there are ever higher expectations from the environment (employees included) to protect the environment and actively minimize plastic consumption. In addition, many bottles contain large amounts of microplastic (according to a review by Orb). Although there are currently no studies that these microplastics pose a danger to life, they probably accumulate in the body, are absorbed in the intestine and possibly lead to inflammation. We want to avoid this by recommending that you instead use a water dispenser with filters that remove these plastics. In addition, it is nice to be able to offer the options still water and carbonated water in the office.


A third important advantage is the economic aspect. If you compare the cost of offering bottled water with offering water at work from a water dispenser, there is a lot of money to be saved and that is one reason why it has become popular. Regarding the installation of our water dispensers, you will probably be surprised at how cheap and easy it is.

We at Upptappat .nu have extensive experience of offering water solutions to many of Sweden's most staff @5G0G3 workplaces and well - attended conference facilities. We have packages for both smaller and larger needs. We offer both ready-made packages and, for those of you who would rather compose your own solution, a larger selection of coolers, beer tower , and taps. Our water dispensers are of the highest quality and come from well-known manufacturers such as Czech Lindr and Italian Blupura with all production in Europe.

Our water dispensers produce filtered and / or carbonated water, cold water, room temperature water and for those who wish, also hot water for tea or soups. Installing a water dispenser yourself is easy, but we will of course help with the installation if desired.


One of our most important values is simplicity. It should be easy to shop. So no matter what you choose to shop with us, you do not have to sign complicated agreements such as complex leasing terms. You as a customer will own your facility and thus avoid long agreements with unclear costs.

Our vision is to fulfill the motto that "employees deserve clean and fresh water in the workplace". In addition to being healthy, it is also nice to be able to access cold and / or carbonated water instead of lukewarm and boring tap water. Furthermore, it is, for visitors, a neat and much appreciated complement to the office's coffee machine.

And during the hottest months of the year, this, by your employees, will be greatly appreciated. In addition, it is an environmentally conscious choice that you can be proud of. In future articles (within this series) we will explore the benefits of water dispensers further.

You can read more about our various water dispensers here:

Feel free to contact us for a discussion and solution suggestions on how we can help you with a water dispenser in the office, restaurant or guest facility. info @ upptappat .nu or 031-455400

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