UPP00002 - Aga CO2 bottle 425g

Aga CO2 bottle 425g

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Aga CO2 bottle 425g, together with a w21.8x1/14 thread type trapeze adapter, can be used to carbonate dithering beer in barrels or as propellant when serving from beer dispensing system.


Agas carbondioxide cartridges are suitable for all carbondioxide machines on the market such as, AQVIA, AGA/Sparkling Water, Wassermax, SodaStream, Soda-Club and Soda-Fresh.

The carbondioxide cartridge can be used with a w21.8x1/14 thread type regulator with a trapezoidal adapter. The great advantage of this type of gas bottle is besides that it is easy to take with it that it can be cheaply and easily replaced to a new one in supermarkets and department stores.

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    It looks like Co2 when I try to connect my 425g Sodastream bottle to the controller with trapeze adapter, how should I do?

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