This powerful cooler is perfect for summer festivals, where serving larger quantities of chilled beer is required. The unit is equipped with two independent cooling circuits with a cooler and a main cooler. The cooling power of the unit reaches a truly respectable capacity of 300 litres per hour. Thanks to Lindr's know-how, Kontakt 300 Twin Power "green line" has a cooling loop length of 2x35 meters which means that the cooling loop holds 4.5 liters of beer at a time. This new cooler is ideal for places where the entry temperature cannot be regulated or planed and where precise, fast cooling, high power, and easy connection are required.

Enlightened advertising
The entire advertising space in the customer's direction enables custom logos and marketing.

beer taps
It is possible to choose the type of beer taps to be fitted to the machine.

This cooler will be available for purchase in late March/April 2020. Contact us now at to book your copy

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