Here we have collected articles and news related to serving draft beer

Radisson Blue Göteborg - Fatölskylar and beer tower mambo

Radisson Blue Göteborg - Draft beer veils and beer tower mambo - Two keg coolers and in one keg cooler mounted our popular beer tower mambo with four beer taps. The delivery also included beer taps, keg couplers, hose, installation and project management.


Kontakt 300 Twin Power "green line" - Beer Festival Champion

Kontakt 300 Twin Power "green line" is a professional beverage cooler that can be used as more than just a mobile bar. Thanks to its unique design with two cooling compressors, Kontakt 300 Twin Power Line is the most powerful cooler in its class. It is designed for professional cooling and serving of perfectly chilled beer and other drinks at major commercial events and festivals.


190623 - New! - cleaning spear for Keykeg without adapters.

Now there is finally cleaning spear to Keykeg-type keg couplers to our cleaning kegs. Previously, you needed to use an adapter on a different type of cleaning spear to be able to use them for Keykeg, now it is not needed.


180520 - Tapptornet Tube - a stylish beer tower suitable both in the restaurant and at home

Now there is a new stylish tap tower "tube" available to order in our online store. Neat, painy and stylish beer tower in stainless steel.


190428 - New! Beer Tower Balder

Beer Tower Balder - Affordable beer tower with elegant design all in stainless steel complete with faucets, medallion, transformer and cooling water recirculation.

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