VYR02258_2 - Soda AS-110 accessory package

Soda AS-110 Accessory Kit

Temporarily out of stock
Tax included about 7-10 weekdays

Accessories package for Soda AS-110 for complete installation


The package includes:

Regulator CO2 1-way W21.8 mm (RED00833) 1 pcs
JG F1 / 2 x 9.5 mm (SPO01431) 1 pcs
Hose 6 x 8mm air (HAD01940) 5 m
Water filter holder AP3-C 765 S (PUC02034) 1 pcs
Water filter VH3-JG 3/8" (for AP3) (PUC02035) 1 pcs
DM M1 / 4x9,5mm (SPO02118) 2pcs
Hose 6.7 x 9.5 mm and drink (HAD00165) 5 m
JG "Y" 9.5x9.5x9.5mm (SPO00112) 1 pcs
JG F7/16 x 8 mm (SPO01559) 1 pcs
Gauge p.40mm 0-10bar rear (OST01939) 1 pcs
Regularetor MRA 1/4-8mm-(SL 2000) (VEN00869) 1 pcs

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