VYR02231 - Agitator pump MID-7

Pump MID-7 with stirrer

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Agitator pump with lowered vertical shaft fits with our refrigeration from model Lindr :


Pump: Agitator pump with lowered vertical shaft.
Windings: Single phase motor with class F.
Engine body: Motor covered in plastic shell in PA66 30% fiberglass. Rating: IP 31 degree of protection against liquid lowering.
Safety: Built-in thermal motor protection system.
Ball bearings: Ø 8 mm NSK, SKF or equivalent, in semi-rigid and soundproof silicone housing.
Engine shaft: AISI 303 INOX steel Ø 8mm.
Fastening parts: INOX steel or antioxidant material.
Engine parts: Termoplatic engine parts against high temperature.
Cooling system: Air cooled pump with a suction speed of 1.6 meters / second.
Water connection: Compatible with John Guest push-fit connection
Operation: Power supply 220 and 230 Volt - 24 hours a day without stop.
Regulations: Complies with EN60335-2-41 and WEEE/RoHs directives.

Read the operating instructions for correct setting and use.

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