Beer Tower "Thor" - classic Chrome Cobra design with 2 beer taps and marking washers

Complete beer tower "Thor" - classic Chrome Cobra design with 2 beer taps and marker stags

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Pack description

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Pack content

The tap tower is easily mounted on a smooth surface with a center bolt and easily connected to the draft beer cooler with push-fit connections for stainless steel pipes or with Oetikerclamp. Select the appearance by either selecting medallion or distance. Both cover the tap thread.

Height (mm) 395
Dimensions at top (mm) 90
Dimensions at the bottom (mm) 110
Diameter mounting holes (mm) 33
Height to tap spout 290
Diameter for installation of beer tap 5/8"
Diameter of connections for beverage (mm) 8x0.5 (5/16)
Diameter of connections cooling coil (mm) 8x0.5 (5/16)
cooling coil in the tower Yes
Number of cranes included 0 pcs.
Weight (kg) 2

The tap comes complete with shank, gaskets, spacers and nuts for mounting in a beer tower or directly in a hole with a diameter of 5/8". The beer tap is connected to the beverage line via push-fit connection or traditional connection, read more under accessories.

  • European-made
  • Thread size shank 5/8"
  • Thread length shank 35 mm
  • compensator lever
  • Spring-back handles
  • Interchangeable handles – switch to the type that suits you or why not build your own?
  • Creamer function (provides foam when pushing the handle backwards)
  • Complete with gaskets, spacers and nuts for mounting in wall, sheet metal, etc.

Add push-fit connection for easy connection of hose. A complete list of suitable accessories such as handles, couplings and spare parts can be found under accessories.

The outer and inner diameters of the label washer are 90/82 mm

These push-fit connections from Fluidfit® can be used in conjunction with or replace push-fit connections of other brands from, for example, John Guest® or dmfit®.

It pays to buy larger quantities, always quantity discount when buying more than 10 pieces and even more when buying a whole box.

Fluidfit JG Dmf ØD1 ØD2 ØP1 ØP2 L Weight Box
HUCP 1/4-5/16G 1/4 5/16 19,3 20 41,4 96 50
HUCP 1/4-3/8G SI030812S APSUC0604 1/4 3/8 19,3 20 41,8 94 50
HUCP 5/16-5/16G SM040808S APSUC0505 5/16 5/16 19,3 20 42,9 95 50
HUCP 5/16-3/8G SI041012S APSUC0605 5/16 3/8 19,3 20 43,3 112 50
HUCP 5/16-1/2G SI41016S 5/16 1/2 19,3 23,6 48,2 12 50
HUCP 3/8-5/16G SI041210S APSUC0506 3/8 5/16 22,3 20 45,6 114 50
HUCP 3/8-3/8G SI041212S APSUC0606 3/8 3/8 22,3 20 46 114 50

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