KOH02163 - Tappkran krompläterad 5/8-65 mm, normal pip

Beer Tap "Classic" chrome plated with compensator lever 5/8-35 mm

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Beer Tap with chrome-plated copper ball valve with compensator lever for regulating flow rate, spout in stainless and chromed details.


The tap comes complete with shank, gaskets, spacers and nuts for mounting in a beer tower or directly in a hole with a diameter of 5/8". The beer tap is connected to the beverage line via push-fit connection or traditional connection, read more under the tab accessories above.

  • European-made
  • Thread size shank 5/8"
  • Thread length shank 55 mm
  • compensator lever
  • Interchangeable handles – switch to the type that suits you or why not build your own?

Complete list of suitable accessories such as handles, couplings and spare parts can be found under the category "accessories" here

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